NM Laws and NMSU Policies

New Mexico Laws

Each state has different laws and penalties in regard to using alcohol. Here is a brief overview of New Mexico laws regarding alcohol:

Minor In Possession of Alcohol

A minor (under 21) who buys, attempts to buy, possesses or permits himself to be served alcoholic beverages is subject to a fine, suspended license, and/or community service hours

Presenting or Making a False ID

Using or possessing an altered, forged, or fictitious identification card is a misdemeanor; actually altering or forging an ID or driver’s license is a 4th degree felony

Open Container

Drinking or having possession of an open container of alcohol (which includes packages of cans and bottles) while in a motor vehicle can lead to a fine, probation, and possible jail time

Selling or Giving Alcohol to a Minor

Providing alcohol to a minor is a 4th degree felony, and is prohibited in restaurants, homes, and other private and public locations in New Mexico.


Anyone who drives a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is subject to several fines.

NMSU Alcohol Policy

See the NMSU Student Handbook – Additional Policies and Procedures.